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11 December ,2018

Leading IOT Conference & Event

IOT Events are the most versatile and most exciting media. In the digitalized world, it is good to meet people also face to face. Welcome to see, hear and experience what happens in your business field.

 Complete understanding of IoT industry and experience various IoT companies’ product/services, as IoT is a core technology for Intelligence Information Society and Industry

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Experiential IoT services, industrial, and private life

Information exchange between technology, product, and application examples in the IoT industry

Technology, Products, Policies, Application case studies

Discovering new business partners and investment attraction support

Networking between Industry-Academia parties

Profitable encounters at the fairs and events

Event marketing is the most versatile and most genuinely social media. A unique opportunity to meet the right target group face to face. The presence enables to hear, see, taste, try, conversation, comparing – experience is a strong marketing message.

Events gathers hundreds or thousands potential customers under the same roof. In the event, during the few days, you can meet a great amount of new, interesting contacts.

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Leading IOT Conference & Event

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